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desktop-screen Created with Sketch. Web development

Get the basics of HTML and CSS and learn to design a website, embed a 3rd-party service and put your website online.

chart-pie-36 Created with Sketch. Data Analysis & Machine Learning

Collect, clean, explore, analyse and visualise data using Python, SQL and Pandas to answer business questions.

g-chart Created with Sketch. Growth Hacking and automation

Automate tasks with programming and APIs. Build KPIs, benchmark your competitors or generate leads with web-scraping.

geometry Created with Sketch. UI & UX Design

Build interactive prototype of web and mobile applicatons with a user-centered approach and validate your UX with user testing.

recycling Created with Sketch. Product Management

Learn best practices to interact with developers and designers team and organise your tech roadmap consistently with your business needs.

f-question Created with Sketch. Tailor-made bootcamps

Build an internal coding bootcamp with us depending on your needs and business objectives.

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